Defense and Energetics Solutions

Defense and Energetics Solutions

Techie Innovative Solutions (TIS) offers a variety of expertise in the explosives and energetics field. John Tartis has over 15 years of experience in designing, analyzing, and testing warheads and rocket motors. Some projects he was involved in include the Titan IV, ATLAS V, MKV, SM-3, Griffin, HTTW, GMLRS, TOW-2A, TOW-2B, and numerous research and development warheads.


TIS works with New Mexico Tech’s EMRTC test facility in Socorro, NM. We offer our customers a highly competent presence here in Socorro for all stages of the testing process. We will create test plans; Develop highly detailed checklists for setup, checkout, and testing to ensure no mistakes are made and that collection of valuable data is not lost. Prior to testing we will conduct a test readiness review with the EMRTC to ensure our customer will achieve the highest level of performance for their project. We will have TIS personnel on site to take part in the test setup, testing, and posttest analysis of the testing site. It is understood that our customer’s time is valuable and that schedule is the upmost importance. TIS is dedicated to developing and maintaining a realistic testing schedule and budget that will meet our customers’ needs while maintaining the flexibility needed to accommodate changes that many times occur during a R&D testing series. After testing is complete TIS offers data reduction services of the test data if desired and will provide a test report with all data and analysis results.

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TIS provides computer consultation, computer modeling, and design services. These services include using modeling codes such as CAD design (ProE, Inventor, ect) hydrocodes such as CTH, ALE 3D, EPIC, modeling using CHEETAH, and Effectiveness or lethality analysis using SURVICE ENGINEERING's TURBO PK software. Previous experience using these codes include the modeling of EFP’s, Shaped Charges, and Blast Fragmentation Warheads. In addition to these codes we have experience conducting lethality analysis which is used to predict the effects of a device on a target. If desired a customer can use TIS to post process their test data and use it predict the effects on a target. Current projects include site safety analysis and reporting, fragmenting warhead design and analysis, analysis and testing of BI-TBI simulants, and characterization of improvised explosives.


John Tartis has the experience from working at a large defense company as a business development manager to support in developing large and small proposals. During his time there he supported millions of dollars’ worth of proposals to both the government and industry. TIS can help both small and large companies develop proposals especially in the field of warheads and energetics. For small companies we offer the experience needed to ensure that they will be compliant to the complex government formatting. For larger companies we offer the technical expertise needed to support writing a technical volume for a defense contract.